Population growth and the MDG's.

This conference attracted some of the leading people in the world to talk on issues that affect the ability of our planet to sustain human life.

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Population growth and the Millenium Development Goals. Canberra, Australia. March 14-15, 2008.

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Opening address:

Chair Jenny Goldie, Professor Frank Fenner and Lberal MP Mal Washer.

Keynote address:

Professor John Guillebaud of University College. London.


Professor Will Steffen, Australian National University. Global Change and the Earth system.

Katherine Wells. Australian Conservation Foundation. Population and Environmental Sustainability.

Mr. Bill Ryerson. Population Media Centre, Vermont. USA

Mr. Bob McMullan. MP for Canberra. Parliamentary Secretary for Overseas Aid and Development.

Ms. Jill Pettis. MP. Parliamentarians Group on Population and Development.

Sandra Kanck. MLC. Peak oil: is it states business?


Clive Hamilton: Dinner address at the Australian National University


Chair: Dr. Paul Collins.

Dr. Mary White. Palaeobotanist. Stop Mankind's Critical Damage to the Health of the Biosphere.

Professor Tony McMichael, Australian National University. Climate Change and the MDG's: Diversion or Subversion

Dr. Richard Denniss. Adviser, Greens Party. Are the MDG's sustainable?


Chair: Dr. John Coulter. SPA President.

Bruce Robinson. ASPO (Australia). Peak Oil impact on the MDG's.

Peter Strachan. Financial Analyst and Writer. Populaton, Peak Oil and Climate Change.

Dr. Paul Tranter ADFA, UNSW. Amonster problem or childs play? Coping with Peak oil.


Chair: Russell Rollason. UNAA.

Bishop George Browning. of the Anglican Church.

Dr. Paul Collins. The Planet Comes First: The New Moral Absolute.

Dr. Colin Butler. BODHI. A campaign of hope and a new world order.

Dr. John Coulter. Australian SPA President.