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Population growth and the MDG's.

Population growth and the Millenium Development Goals. Canberra, Australia. March 14-15, 2008.

The Government should draw a line in the sand. From now on, anyone who builds or buys anything dumb, good luck, you’re on your own. Don’t come asking for compensation when systems change from coal and oil. It is a good guess that anyone planning a coal-fired power station now is betting they’ll get compensation. We need to charge polluters, but the politics of this are very hard. Climate change is the most pressing economic risk we face. If you declare war on anything, declare war on the lobbyists who keep politicians oriented towards present profits and practices.

Dr. Richard Denniss. Adviser, Greens Party.

Are the MDG's sustainable?


Dr Richard Denniss is an Associate Professor at the Crawford School of Economics and Government at the ANU. He is an economist with a particular interest in the role of regulation and government in developed economies. Prior to his current role he worked as Strategic Adviser Senator Bob Brown; was Deputy Director of The Australia Institute; Chief of Staff to the then Leader of the Australian Democrats, Senator Stott Despoja; and lectured economics at the University of Newcastle.