New Roxby Council Pet Management by-law.


Kitty must be desexed, microchipped and constrained at all times thanks to the new by-law.

Lock up your cat

The Roxby Monitor 5th March 2009

Cats have to be restrained at all times under a new Roxby Council Pet Management by-law

Under the new by-law, ratified by the Legislative Review Board of the State Government, cats, like dogs, must be registered and contained or restrained 24 hours a day.

The new rules were drafted following consultation with the community and have been endorsed by the Environment Forum, the Community Board, The Roxby Administrator and the Dog and Cat Management Board.

“After a concerted period of community consultation in 2007 and early 2008, it has taken another year of waiting for the cogs of bureaucracy to slowly turn,” said spokesperson John Read.

“We are relieved to have now achieved the first step of our objective to improve the management and welfare of Roxby’s pets.” According to Read, the keen advocates for more stringent rules have been cat owners themselves, who reportedly recognise the benefits of containing their pets. Already several residents have established cat runs or aviaries to contain their cats and others have trained their cats to be content in their households.

Roxby Council Pet Management Officer Peter Keller said Council was supportive of the new initiatives of treating cats and dogs the same. A grace period for compliance with the new laws will be offered until the standard registration period commences on June 30, 2009. Mr Keller added: “As an additional incentive Council is also offering free registration for cats for the first year, provided that cat owners provide a certificate indicating their cat has been desexed and microchipped by August 30, 2009.”

Dr Andrew Melville-Smith from the Roxby Veterinary Clinic said, “Desexing and containment are important ways to improve the well being of pets and the positive roles they can play within families.”Dr Melville-Smith will be coordinating a subsidised microchipping day for cats and dogs to coincide with the March 2009 Market Day. John Read, a resident of Roxby Downs for 20 years, has seen many examples of uncontrolled local dogs and cats causing nuisance or endangering residents, their pets or wildlife. “Finally we will have the ability to legally and responsibly deal with problem animals and their more problematic owners,” he said. “Concerned residents need only to take a photo of a dog or cat at large and the council will be able to take the appropriate action, which is far preferable to disgruntled vigilantes dealing with the problems themselves.”