Foster carers.


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Help save a dogs life:

If you have your own home, have a secure yard and maximium of two other dogs that are socialable and have up to date immunizations, then you can help us rehome a rescue dog by looking after it until a new owner can be found. See adoption stories here See us on facebook (Whyalla) or facebook (Roxby Downs)

Foster carers are important.

Foster carers are important because they allow us to use our scarce resources more efficiently, to find homes for more dogs which will mean less dogs are destroyed, simply because they dont have a home to go to.

What is involved with foster care.

Foster care requires a commitment to make a difference to the number of dogs that are saved.

We provide the food, you provide the care.

Foster carers have to make sure that dog is fed twice a day, has clean water, shelter, clean bedding and of course walked (except puppies) and socialized.

You need to be able to bring the dog to the clinic at short notice if someone wants to adopt the dog.

Medical care for the rescue dog in your care, is provided free of charge by the clinic.

What is down side with foster care.

You have more dog poo to pick up.

You may be required to bring the dog to the clinic at short notice.

You have to be able to cope with relinquishing the puppy/dog when a new owner is found.

How do I become a foster carer.

If you have the time and facilities, please contact the Whyalla Veterinary Clinic on 8645 9926 and the nurses will take your details. An interview and house inspection will be organised to ensure you have the right facilities and are able to spare the time. You can also email us talk to us on facebook (Whyalla) or facebook (Roxby Downs)

Open 7 days (Excluding public holidays)