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Visiting the Whyalla Veterinary Clinic these days, you will notice that most of the lights are off but the interior is still well lit, thanks to an innovative system of skylights. “Most of the time we work the sun is shinning” said Dr. Andrew Melville-Smith “Now instead of using electricity to light the interior of the veterinary clinic, the sunlight streams in through the skylights”.

The skylight system was designed and installed by local, Theo Stamoulis, of Australian Federation Skylights. Theo pointed out that any dark interior areas in houses and buildings that don’t get enough natural light and have to rely on electric lighting are areas where a skylight should be considered. “It is a great way to light a building” he said ” You save money by reducing your electricity use, your lights last longer and you save the environment from the pollution generated by the power station ”.

The staff at the clinic are delighted with the results and whilst they found the light was less bright, it was a softer more natural light and not as harsh as fluorescent lighting. “It is one of the ways we are making the veterinary clinic more environmentally sustainable” commented Dr. Melville-Smith “Reducing our electricity use means less gas is burnt at the power station, reducing the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere as a result of our veterinary activities”. He went on to point out that carbon dioxide is a major contributor to Global Warming, which is damaging the planets ability to support life, by reducing the availability of clean water, clean air and clean soil.

Theo Stamoulis is a partner in the new shopping centre to be built in Essington Lewis Avenue. “Using natural lighting in commercial premises is the way of the future” Theo added “Caring for the planet is just another way to look after your customers” He is hoping that they will be able to use natural light at the new shopping centre, rather than fluorescent lights during the day, to make it more environmentally sustainable.

Natural light conserves electricity.

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