Dr. Andrew Melville-Smith presents Inspector Clare Money of the Whyalla RSPCA with the new microchip scanner.

Responsible owners microchip their pets.

The RSPCA and the Whyalla Veteinary Clinic strongly recommend that all cats and dogs should have a microchip fitted.

The microchp is not much larger than a grain of rice and is easily fitted. It provides the only reliable way to identify yor pet.

Microchipped pets have a much higher chance of being reunited with their owners if the become lost and the microchip provides proof of ownership in the event of a dispute over ownership.


This tiny microchip could save your pets life. Get one fitted today.

Whyalla Veterinary Clinic donates new scanner

The RSPCA Whyalla needed a new scanner to identify stray animals and the Whyalla Veterinary Clinic came to the rescue with a new back home microchip scanner which reads all microchips including the new standard ISO microchips. Links below

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....... Vet donates scales ........


The RSPCA is always looking for help. Monetary donations are tax deductable. Other donations including time and materials to help out at the shelter are always welcome.