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Two horses, five cats and 38 dogs microchipped

About 45 aminals were microchipped on the 27th August 2011 as part of the RSPCA Whyalla shelter and Whyalla Veterinary Clinic microchipping day.

A large number of people attended with their pets on Saturday the 27th generating hundreds of dollars in much needed income for the shelter. See here

Organisers said the day ran very smoothly, with people arriving throughout the morning, which avoided the long cues of pervious years when everyone arrived at once.

Although mostly dogs and cats were fitted with microchips, two horses were microchipped for identification.

Whyalla Veterinary Clinic veterinarian said the day was successful.

"We had 45 animals altogether, of that two were horses, five were cats and the rest were dogs."

Microchip dog goes home to Melbourne.


Above: Hercules the cat is ftted with a microchip by Dr. Miranda Tiong, while owners Louis and Ashley James hold him.

Below: Dr. Miranda Tiong stands with Bob (Left) ridden by Stacey Skorrup and Jasper (Right) ridden by Lisa Donald, after they had a microchip implanted.