Environmental exercise lawn.


Sir Walter, Buffalo grass for the Australian climate.

We needed an exercise and waiting area for our clients at the front of the clinic in Whyalla.

We choose Sir Walter buffalo grass for its low water requirement and extreme drought resistance. So far it was required little water and remained green all year round, even surviving a two week period of over 40 degree summer heat.

As an added bonus of being green all year round, it is removing CO2 from the atmosphere and creating O2 at the equivalent rate of a small tree.

More information can be found here.

The grass is watered by sub-surface drip irrigation. A series of drip lines has been installed under the grass and a precise amount of water is released to the root system every few days.

The watering system was supplied by Greene Eden watering systems in Adelaide.

The water for the grass and front garden predominantly comes from rain water collected from the roof of the veterinary clinic.

The tanks and pumps were supplied by Stratco, 50 Ian Street Whyalla Norrie. Phone: 8645 7344

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