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Outrage over Whyalla Council Gas Euthanasia


Euthanasia alternative questioned

Article from the Whyalla News (Right) 26th August 2010. More

Response from the Whyalla Veterinary Clinic:

Mayor and Councillors,

I have been following the debate over gas euthanasia of unwanted stray animals over the past month. As a vet with many years experience and in the interests of council making an informed decision, I felt obliged to provide my professional opinion. I welcome the Mayors commitment to investigate this issue.

As far as method goes, there is no debate in professional circles; the ONLY acceptable method of euthanasia for stray cats and dogs is by lethal injection under veterinary supervision. It is painless, fast and humane, all the points that cannot be said of gas. It is worth noting this method is accepted practice in other cities around the region, particularly Port Augusta, Port Pirie and Roxby Downs.

In the interests of keeping costs low, euthanasia by lethal injection is extremely cost competitive. Rather than having full-time staff, with all the associated employment costs, superannuation, etc the council can go to ‘competitive tender’ which helps drive down costs. The current practice of having untrained lay-people doing euthanasia without the medical skills to certify death is not good management.

I note also that some of your council workers have suggested that you consider shooting cats and dogs. I urge you in the strongest terms to disregard this suggestion.

Furthermore, I urge the Whyalla Council to reconsider the disposal method currently used. Disposal of the bodies in the landfill at Mount Laura is hardly 21st century practice when the norm is cremation.

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