No nuclear waste dump in South Australia

Important questions to consider:

1. If it is so good, why doesn't anyone else want it? Because it is highly dangerous and has to be stored for at least 10,000 year and maybe 100,000 years + depending on what is stored there.

2. Will we get paid to look after this radioactive waste for 100,000 years? No

3. We all know what will happen. It will be stored here and then it is our problem. And remember, our civilization has only been going for say 5000 years and we have to store this highly toxic material for 10 to 100 thousand years.

4. What happen if there are leaks? There will be leaks and breakdowns that lead to the escape of radioactive material into the environment and possibly our fossil ground water. It is inevitable over such long time periods.

5. Does South Australia really want to be famous for its nuclear dump? What happens to tourism, clean food and wine etc. once our reputation is tarnished FOREVER.

6. This is for keeps. Once the dump is there, there is no going back. It becomes our children’s problem, grandchildren’s problem, great grandchildren’s problem ......and once the money stops flowing, guess who pays to look after the waste. We and our decendents for many generations do.

7. Can we trust the Australian Government? No. Look at the disaster at Maralinga. Cheap and nasty disposal of plutonium that is already failing.

8. Do we really want highly radioactive toxic waste transported around the globe to South Australia? The risks are considerable that an accident would lead to wide spread radioactive contamination.

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