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Population growth and the MDG's.

Population growth and the Millenium Development Goals. Canberra, Australia. March 14-15, 2008.

Peak oil has allowed us to make cities less child friendly. Now children have been made more dependent on adults; they are kept safe from traffic, driven everywhere, taken to little parks for play. “Hurry up” is the pace for children, and they are ferried among activities with little time for unstructured play, “digging for worms” and exploring.

There has been a loss of “joy and wonder” in childhood. The effect of oil and the Iraq war on children in Iraq has been terrible.

Dr. Paul Tranter ADFA, UNSW.

A monster problem or childs play? Coping with Peak oil.


Dr Paul Tranter is a Senior Lecturer in Geography at UNSW@ADFA (the Australian Defence Force Academy) in Canberra. His research interests include the themes of child-friendly environments and sustainable cities, the public health impacts of motor-sport, the promotion of active transport through the concept of “effective speed”and the implications of peak oil for children.