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Population growth and the MDG's.

Population growth and the Millenium Development Goals. Canberra, Australia. March 14-15, 2008.

Biodiversity is necessary for the natural balance and feedback systems. Climate change is a set of symptoms of breakdown. We must treat the causes of the breakdown, not just ‘give aspirin’ for symptoms. We must restore climate-balancing systems or there is no point in setting MDGs.

Australia has lost 80% of its original trees, and humans are now like a virus. We must stop the clearing of forestsand keep remaining natural vegetation. We should pay poorer nations to keep forests standing, in a global partnership, using carbon credits. We need massive replanting and reconsideration of farming methods and fire. We should decrease the human population and reduce our human footprint.

Dr. Mary White. Palaeobotanist.

Stop Mankind's Critical Damage to the Health of the Biosphere.


Mary E.White is a palaeo-environmentalist and writer on the evolution of the Australian continent and its biota, and how to achieve sustainable use of its soil and water resources. She now owns a Gondwanan Rainforest Sanctuary on the Mid North Coast and is developing it into an Environmental Education Centre. She is one of five Patrons of Sustainable Population Australia.