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Population growth and the MDG's.

Population growth and the Millenium Development Goals. Canberra, Australia. March 14-15, 2008.

70% of oil is now produced by national oil companies, sovereign equity. The giant fields are in decline. Oil is used in producing food, and the amount of grain producing is falling, while the price of grain is rising. If we use grain to produce fuel, it will be “the SUV ate my dinner”.

Since the first oil well, the population has risen steeply. One in fifteen of the people ever alive is alive now, and demanding a higher protein can be the operative system for the change.

Peter Strachan. Financial Analyst and Writer.

Populaton, Peak Oil and Climate Change.


Peter Strachan first worked as a research metallurgist in Zambia. Over the past 25 years, he has worked with a range of UK and Australian based financial firms. Five years ago, he established an AFS Licensed, investor relations and independent corporate analysis business. He is co-owner of StockAnalysis, a subscriber based, analyst brief which he publishes on a weekly basis.