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Lindsay Tognetti

Melbourne University

"My interest is in small animal surgery, so I was hoping to gain hands on experience in surgery. I was not let down." Lindsay Tognetti


The clinical rotation I just completed with Whyalla Veterinary Clinic has been an amazing hands-on experience. I can’t believe how fast the time has flown by during my 3 weeks of clinical placement here. I chose to apply for an externship after reading the raving reviews on the website as well as hearing positive feedback from my fellow University of Melbourne graduates.

My interest is in small animal surgery, so I was hoping to gain hands on experience in surgery. I was not let down. Dr Andrew Melville-Smith, and fellow veterinarians Sebastian and Hoy, were fantastic mentors. They were willing to teach various surgical techniques as well as stand back and allow me to perform many solo surgeries. While here I took part in many neuters, spays, laceration repairs, mass removals, eye ablations, exploratory laparotomy, and even a cholecystectomy (gall bladder removal). It wasn’t all surgery; I also was able to interact with clients – assisting with consults, performing physical exams, and completing common diagnostic tests. This opportunity confirmed for me that I want to continue my path in small animal medicine and surgery.

I would recommend this placement to any final year student looking to gain confidence and hands-on experience. Whyalla Veterinary Clinic will make you feel apart of their team from the moment you enter the door. Expect long busy days, but don’t worry the nurses are fantastic at helping making it a bit easier by offering tea, coffee, or even a cappuccino- which was great for the coffee addict I am.

Thank you to the whole team at Whyalla Veterinary Clinic for making this rotation so memorable – vets, nurses, kennel hands, foster carers and external staff. Everyone was so welcoming and supportive, and a pleasure to work with.