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Michelle Hoon

Sydney University

"I have learnt more here than I could have hoped, taught by the most supportive people! I cannot thank the staff at the clinic enough." Michelle Hoon.


The 5th year rotations were always going to be the highlight of my adventure of becoming a veterinarian. In the process of planning which clinics to attend for my rotations, I happened to stumble across the Whyalla Veterinary Clinic website. It was hard to believe the testimonials previous students have written about their time in the clinic. WVC is a clinic that truly believes in teaching students the knowledge, technical and surgical skills they will require post- graduation – what every 5th year intern hopes for!

I have learnt more here than I could have hoped, taught by the most supportive people! I cannot thank the staff at the clinic enough. Andrew, Sebastian, Hoy, Kin and all the wonderful nurses at the Whyalla, Roxby and Cowell clinics I am glad I have met all of you and had the opportunity to be part of the team, even if it was for a short 4 weeks.

Learning how to communicate with clients effectively and to involve them in the treatment of their beloved family members are some of the things I am glad to have encountered during my time here. Learning to place catheters with the help of clients, nerve wrecking at first, but a crucial skill to learn, especially in after-hours circumstances. Everything I have learnt here has steered me in the direction of becoming a better new graduate veterinarian.

Getting to perform routine surgeries such as spays and castrates on a daily basis, dentals and dewclaw removals, have definitely improved my confidence in surgery. Getting to perform an eye ablation, leg amputation, stitch-up, lump removals, aural haematoma, ferret spay and even radiographs on a kangaroo - were all dreams come true. Everyday brings something new, and I found myself looking forward to working the next day.

Sandi went out of her way to make me feel comfortable and definitely provided a cosy home atmosphere, where we talked about anything under the sun. Coupled with delicious meals, I looked forward to returning home after a long exciting day at the clinic. I will definitely miss the time I have spent at Whyalla and will always fondly remember my adventure here.