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Jessica Wallis

"The confidence I have gained during this placement will definitely help to ease my transition into practice" Jessica Wallis


My placement at Whyalla Veterinary Clinic has been the most practical, hands on placement of my final year, and has given me all the confidence I need for my first day in practice. Andrew and Sebastian were both amazing teachers and very supportive of me. They saw what tasks I struggled with and worked with me throughout the placement to improve my skills in those areas.

I came to WVC expecting to get a lot of practice with routine surgeries, and I was not disappointed. Not only am I now confident with dog spays and castrations, but I also did my first flank spays, lump removals, stitch ups and abscess removals. I was also allowed to participate in an eye ablation and a pyometra removal!

Surgery wasn’t the only area where I learnt a great deal, I also became more confident with managing the more routine emergency cases like broken bones and blocked cats. But the most valuable thing I got out of this placement was basically learning how to be a vet. All the little tips that somehow we get through vet school without being taught. Like how to draw up vaccinations from the vial without looking incompetent, and how to cope after hours when you don’t have a nurse around to restrain your patient to put in an IV line or take bloods. I also got some valuable communication tips such as how to manage your mistakes without losing a client’s trust. As a new graduate I think these will be some of the most important skills to have.

A huge thank you to Andrew and Sebastian for your constant words of advice and encouragement. The confidence I have gained during this placement will definitely help to ease my transition into practice. I also can’t say thank you enough to all the girls at both Whyalla and Roxby for your help, support and making me feel like part of the team.