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Erik Lai

"These practical experiences not only improved my surgical skills, but also increased my confidence." Erik Lai

Chung-Hsing University



Given that this is a very special and great opportunity to work abroad, I decided to apply this externship in Whyalla Vet Clinic in Australia soon after I received this info.

During the 3-week-long clinical work, I once played a role of surgical assistant in a trochlear groove widen and patella tendon adjusted surgery with the visiting surgeon, Richard. He was very patient to teach me step by step. He showed me how to make a choice during a surgery and how to adjust the patella joint correctly. It is my pleasure to complete the surgery with him. In addition to being a surgical assistant, with vet Hoy, Sebastian and Kin’s instruction, I finished 10 castration and 7 spay surgeries on my own in these 17 days, along with dental surgery and trauma reconstructive surgeries. I really appreciate their patient teaching and they even showed some tips or gave suggestions in every operation. These practical experiences not only improved my surgical skills, but also increased my confidence.

Employees in the clinic all know that Andrew is the greatest boss in the world! Although Andrew’s questions sometimes stroke me dumb, I really appreciate that he urged me to have some brainstorm which helps to figure out what is the next step. Andrew is such a good mentor and he is generous to share his experiences. When working with him, I can certainly see his passion into his job and animals. He put a lot of efforts into this clinic, and always teaches owners the correct ways to take good care of and train their pets. So that, pets can live healthily and owners have better knowledge of their animals.

Apart from inconvenient traffic, the experience in Whyalla was brilliant. I appreciate that Andrew, Hoy and Sandi were willing to grant me this valuable opportunity to have externship and accommodation for me. Here I made mistakes; however, Sandi always encouraged me by saying that I will learn a lesson from that and never do it again. Well relationship and interaction between vets, nurses and clients made a go of successful Whyalla Vet Clinic. Standing on the hill looking at immense ocean, lovely houses and the sunset, I know I will never forget this amazing journey.