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Vivian Wang

Melbourne University

"This is also an amazing clinic to practice your surgical skills. You will be more confident at performing routine surgeries." Vivian Wang


I performed my first castration half an hour after I got off the plane. Since then, everyday at the clinic has been an adventure. Just when you think you are tired of vaccinations and ear problems, two mind-boggling neuro cases would show up, or a simple yearly physical exam would turn into an eye ablation. You might start the day dealing with a complicated diabetic cat, or end the day with puppies covered in explosive diarrhoea.

The clinic has an excellent caseload; you will learn essential skills such as effective client communication, formulation of a diagnostic plan, common medications, and dealing with difficult clients or animals. Don’t expect fancy facilities like the ones in Uni, but you’ll learn to use your hands, eyes, nose and brain to make a diagnosis and figure out problems, which is an important skill that you won’t learn in school. This is also an amazing clinic to practice your surgical skills. You will be more confident at performing routine surgeries such as de-sexing, dewclaw removal, dentals, teeth extractions, hernia repairs and stitch ups. I also got to do some awesome procedures such as tail amputation and exploratory laparotomy. I have a special interest in exotics, and I never thought I would get to remove a lipoma from a Gala or castrate a rabbit before graduation.

You will be working with an exceptional team of people. All the vets are excellent teachers and are very happy to discuss cases with you and involve you in their treatment plans. All the vet nurses are extremely encouraging and likes to compliment you on your work even though a turtle can probably do the surgery faster than you. Last of all, Sandie is absolutely the best hostess I have ever stayed with. After a long day at the clinic, you’ll look forward to going home, as there will be a delicious meal waiting for you. She has marvelous stories and makes you feel like you are in your grandma’s house.

My three weeks here went by in the blink of an eye; it’s filled with laughers and wonderful memories, and I am actually very sad to leave. You’ll leave Whyalla with a wealth of knowledge that will prepare you well as a new grad. No matter what your interest is, you won’t be disappointed at Whyalla vet clinic.

P.S. – If you happen to be awake during your early trip to Roxby, you’ll catch one of the most spectacular sunrises ever.