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Choon Mui Soh

"My time here at Whyalla Veterinary Clinic has been amazing, and probably one of the best placements so far." Rosemary Soh.

Melbourne University



helps pet dental month.

My time here at Whyalla Veterinary Clinic has been amazing, and probably one of the best placements so far. Being a final year vet student, I have been going to different practices for placements throughout the year and sometimes it can be daunting working in a new environment. However, the friendly staff takes the worries away and it has been a pleasure working with them.

I cannot thank Andrew, Hoy, Sebastian and Kin enough for the amounts of hands-on experience, especially surgeries that you are less likely to obtain in many private practices. On my first day itself, they have already assigned a surgery case for me, which is a dog castration before I even arrive. I am amazed by the amount of faith they have in me, possibly more than I have in myself and allowing me to get involved in every procedure. I have performed a handful of routine desexing surgeries, mass removal, eye enucleation and few dental procedures including extractions, also get to scrub in with Richard for orthopedic surgeries. This definitely prepares me in the near future, to do most routine surgeries independently even as a new graduate.

In terms of medicine aspect, all the vets are really patient and always honest and ready for discussion. Andrew is really good at explaining drug dosages, and he shares his ways of remembering or calculating the dosages. It is really good being able to practise taking radiographs with the vets and learn about positioning as well as interpreting them. It is really busy in here most of the time and I get to reinforce some day-one skills such as vaccinations, microchips, catheter placements and venipuncture.

I have really enjoyed myself in here and time passed so quickly that before I realize, it has been a month and here I am, writing to share my experience. I want to say that all these learning opportunities cannot happen without a lovely and supportive team of nurses, who are always so helpful and patient, cleaning my blood stained drapes and instruments, the mess I made at the consult rooms, helping me to hold the animals still or allowing me to participate in procedures, and making me that fresh morning coffee. I highly recommend this placement, especially those would like to get more surgical experiences. I want to say thanks again to the whole team of Whyalla Veterinary Clinic for making this a wonderful experience. On a side note, Sandi is a really good host and take very good care of students, as well as giving some useful advice such as wearing warm clothes for Roxby trip.