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Melbourne University.

Zhan Heng

I chose to do my final university placement at Whyalla veterinary clinic as I have heard that the clinic provides huge amounts of hands-on and I felt this would be a good way to round up my veterinary educations. And after 3 weeks, I know I have made the right choice. Working here has made me realise there is still so much I do not know, so much that you can only learn in clinics and not in lectures. Andrew is a very practical person and gives you very handy and practical tips for working in general practice, such as easy ways to remember drug dosages and surgery tips. Andrew works really hard and he expects no less from you. The weekly trips to Roxby Downs are a testament to his tireless effort to provide veterinary care to remote communities. Nonetheless the weekly trips were fun and gave me a unique insight into practice in a truly rural setting. Andrew is also a very generous person who gives back to the community in so many ways, either via the RSPCA desexing and rehoming programmes, or his passion for saving the environment.

I have no doubt improved vastly in my surgical and communication skills, which will no doubt greatly aid me in my future career as a veterinarian. The amount of hands-on you get here is amazing, and I had opportunities to do things I had never done before such as lump removals and stitch-ups, drain placements, flank spays and pyometra spays. Andrew, Charna and Hester were also very patient teachers who always remained calm despite all the mistakes I made. They were always very reassuring and encouraging, and greatly boosted me confidence. Of course, none of this learning opportunities would not have been possible too without the help of all of the support staff: Carol, Karen, Lena, Carol-Ann, Tash, Sharon, Kristy and Anzelle at Whyalla, Keira, Jess, Erika and Roger at Roxby and Denise at Cowell, all of whom were very supportive and patient. Not to mention that they made some great coffee! Last but not least a very big thanks goes out to Sandy for her warm hospitality. It was certainly nice to come home to hot meals each day. You’ll never go hungry at Sandy’s!

I am now only a few weeks away from becoming a fully qualified veterinarian, and thanks to all the wonderful staff at Whyalla Veterinary Clinic, I know that I have made the right career choice and I look forward to the challenges to come.

"I have no doubt improved vastly in my surgical and communication skills, which will no doubt greatly aid me in my future career as a veterinarian." Zhan Heng