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Candice Morgan

Stepping off a 30-seater twin-engine turbo-prop aircraft into the warmth of Whyalla’s Spring I was unsure what the next 4 weeks held in store for me. Being a final year Veterinary Student Intern is like starting a new job every 4 weeks, which can at times be a little stressful. I needn’t have worried as Lena (one of the Veterinary Nurses) picked my up from the airport and took me to her mother Sandy’s place where I would be living for the next month. They went out of their way to make sure I felt at home and treated me like I was part of the family.

Reading the testimonials of previous student interns at the Whyalla Veterinary Clinic had certainly raised my hopes that this would be a gratifying placement where I would be able to get involved, put my knowledge to the test and improve my technical skills. From the very first day at the clinic I was involved in everything going on. I was able to not only “sit-in” on consultations but was asked to conduct a physical exam on every patient we saw, give injections and take blood samples in front of clients. I was also able to not only watch, but perform routine procedures, including dentals and de-sexing surgery, all on the first day!

As I spent more time at the clinic and got into the swing of things I really began to enjoy the work. My confidence in all aspects of practicing veterinary medicine including performing physical exams, taking routine samples, radiography and performing surgical procedures increased immensely during my time at Whyalla. I was even able to perform more complicated surgery under Andrew’s guidance, the highlight being a whole chain mammary strip on a silky terrier with a mammary tumour. Trips up to Roxby Downes were especially beneficial, however tiring, due to the large and varied caseload. I must thank Jess, Keira and Erika for your tireless support and for making my time up there so enjoyable.

A very special thank you goes to Charna for your supervision and guidance and mostly for having confidence in my ability. Thank you to all of the nurses - Carol, Lena, Karen, Tash and Carol Ann. I am so grateful for your patience and your support. It was fantastic to work with such a dedicated, highly skilled and hard-working team. Finally, Andrew, thank you for being such an incredible teacher and mentor. You always had time to answer all of my questions and were constantly challenging me by asking me what I would do next, what treatment I would recommend and what advice I would give to the owner. Your tips for remembering common drug doses and all the little practical tricks you have picked up along the way and passed on to us students are going to prove invaluable when I find my first job as a vet.

After my time at Whyalla Veterinary Clinic I now feel like I have the confidence and the ability to succeed in my chosen career. And as you said so often… “One day she’ll have her own license to practice.” Finally, after a long road and many years studying at university, that now seems so close. Thanks for everything!

"I now feel like I have the confidence and the ability to succeed in my chosen career." Candice Morgan