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Hanako Ogawa

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to you all. The experience I have had here at Whyalla Veterinary Clinic was such an invaluable in my career.

I am a Japanese qualified veterinarian who has a bit of experience working in Japan as a vet and has been working as an afterhours/emergency veterinary nurse in Sydney while I pursue to convert my licence to Australian one.

I was looking for somewhere I can revise the basic of veterinary practice through lots of hands-on practice at where the clinic lives with community. I have been working at Veterinary clinic in city whole my veterinary career, so the experience in Whyalla was pretty different from what I have experienced before. At Whyalla, veterinarians do not only deal with disease but also work for community. I soon realised Whyalla veterinary clinic was the right place to learn about this veterinary role.

The facts that the clinic has been working with RSPCA for long time, and also it provides sincere veterinary care to 3 local branch clinics, regardless of how far away they are, how hustle to do that, told me how much clinic is willing to contribute their profession to the community, human animal relationship and its welfare.

I wondered how the clinic can contribute such amount of work to the community on top of their busy daily Whyalla clinic duties. I found it that not only Andrew but also all the stuff, veterinarian, nurse, kennel hand, groomer, volunteer (who cares rehoming animals or helps visitors like me future veterinary professionals), have superb character which make it possible. All the staff are responsible, willing to help each other to complete their tasks. Everyone has confidence to demonstrate their professionalism and willing to provide best possible service to the clients/patients and community, yet they are not forgetting to make their work place relaxed, and humour filled, friendly one. I saw the best team-work here to make this all happen.

I really appreciate and value the hands-on experience the Whyalla veterinary clinic given to me, Andrew was very generous in giving me his tips and sharing his knowledge and experiences as well as excellent in teaching me how to communicate with clients, how to reflect what the client wants into the treatment, how to maximise the benefit of clients and patients coming to the clinic. But also I would like to thank Whyalla Veterinary Clinic for giving me a chance to see this depth of veterinary service and to recall the bigger meanings of being a veterinarian in my only 2 weeks work experience. I am sure that it will certainly help my future career.

At last and again, I would like to thank you to Andrew, Sebastian and all the nurses who made me feel welcomed and helped me a lot with their friendliness and patience, and clients who let me examine their precious furry companions under Andrew’s supervision.

I would like to wish all the happiness and healthy life to Whyalla community and furry lives!

The two weeks has gone like a bullet and I really enjoyed every minutes of it!

"I really appreciate and value the hands-on experience the Whyalla veterinary clinic given to me" Hanako Ogawa