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I feel grateful to Dr. Andrew and Dr. Yuri for giving me a chance to participate into this work experience. I also appreciate all the outstanding staff at the Whyalla and Roxby Downs Veterinary Clinics for encouraging me. Without your assistance, my work experience could not have become a successful one. Thanks to this work experience, I went through what I had never seen, heard, or even though of, which will certainly contribute to my future.

As the Whyalla Veterinary Clinic has been a pet adoption centre, there were many rescued dogs and cats. They were completely healthy (i.e. vet-checked, vaccinated, desexed) and microchipped, therefore they were sure to have new, happiness lives. How excellent and productive! It is one of the main objects for the veterinarians to provide the second lives to those unwanted animal. In addition, they gave me opportunities to train surgical operations (desexed) and other clinical trials. They were good tutors for me. I will never forget them.

Everything I encountered in the clinics was worthwhile. While I have been in Veterinary Teaching Hospital at Hokkaido University in Japan, I had not even stitch up before I took part in this program, not mention of castration or spey. Thus, it is extremely meaningful for me to obtain the opportunity to do uncountable surgical treatments. Through these five weeks, my surgical skill has improved extremely and I even feel confidence in my ability. Moreover, I also learned how consult and communicate with the clients and their animals. Although I am a Japanese and had a difficult time to get used to English, it was useful for me to see how Andrew and Yuri consult and communicate with their clients.

I strongly recommend this program to the entire Japanese veterinary student. This program is valuable and help us Japanese veterinary students sharpen our skills to become new graduates. Furthermore, Andrew and Yuri are very patient and good teachers. Also, all the staffs are heartwarming, and even humors. Seeing is believing!

Finally, and once again, I would like to express to all the staff my deepest gratitude for their support. Thank you very much.

Hokkaido University, Japan.


"Through these five weeks, my surgical skill has improved extremely and I even feel confidence in my ability. " Noboru Sasaki.

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