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During my time here, I was always kept busy with consultations in the morning and evening, with surgery lined up in the afternoon. I had the opportunity to perform many surgical procedures from the basic desexing procedures (castrations, speys, stitch ups) to the more complex and interesting procedures (tumour removal, pyometra, aural haematoma). The work was always varied and very interesting. Andrew and Yuri always encouraged me to participate in diagnostic work-ups like taking X-rays, blood samples and treatment of the hospital cases. I also had the opportunity of visiting outback South Australia, going to places like Cowell, Roxby Downs and Andamooka which are places I am sure even many South-Australians would never get the opportunity to visit.

The Whyalla Vet Clinic also runs a very successful re-housing program for hundreds of unwanted dogs and cats. For too many of us, the issue with all these strays would be too big of a problem to be tackled but the staff at the clinic have taken on the huge task of collecting these abandoned animals (some from as far as outback stations hours from the nearest town) and “making them over” by desexing, vaccinating, worming and microchipping them. In other words, they are giving these animals a second chance at life, when they would otherwise have none. These animals are then posted up on the web-site and most often find homes within days. Through the power of the internet, some find homes all around Australia, places like Canberra, Queensland and even Dubbo! Personally I found their commitment and enthusiasm to addressing their huge local problem of these unwanted animals inspiring and touching. I only wish there were more country vets around Australia that would have the initiative and heart to undertake the task of re-homing these perfectly healthy and wonderful animals.

It is difficult to fully describe all the experience I have gained during my time in Whyalla, with much of it tangible as it was intangible. I can physically see that I am much more proficient at my clinical skills like surgery, conducting clinical examinations, handling fractious animals. But there was also something more that I gained during my time at Whyalla that is far more precious, and that the feeling of confidence, inspiration and enthusiasm of being a veterinarian. Andrew and Yuri are both great mentors and both have left me with a sense of the great things one can achieve with a veterinary degree and if you put your mind and heart to it. I am both inspired and refreshed by the time I have spent at Whyalla.

I would like to thank all the staff at the Whyalla and Roxby Clinic for all their time and patience and to wish them all the best. Keep up the great work you are doing - the animals are all grateful.


"I can physically see that I am much more proficient at my clinical skills like surgery, conducting clinical examinations, handling fractious animals." Chiew Lian Khut.

Melbourne University. Australia.

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