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Yvette Lam


As I was waiting for the plane to Whyalla, I was nervous and wasn’t sure that I had the skill or ability do all that cool stuff all the other previous vet students had described.  Yep, I knew all the previous students before were nervous and then after spending time there they became a much better veterinarian for it.  But the question was, did I have that in me?  More

I had wanted to go to Whyalla for work experience because I had heard from upper year classmates about the amazing opportunities offered by the Whyalla Veterinary Clinic (WVC).  And WOOo did it deliver, during my three weeks here (which passed by quickly!) I had a no pressure environment to learn and practice my surgical skills on a variety of cases – canine/feline castrations, feline flank spays, canine spays (even on heat ones!), a ferret castration, and mammary adenoma removals.  WVC has a good mix of cases and Andrew does an amazing job in supervising and teaching – he offers advice when needed while striking a good balance with allowing you to learn without holding your hand and quizzing you on important topics, which helps you learn that you can stand on your own two feet and learn to trust yourself!  Thank you Andrew for giving me the opportunities to develop my confidence and to know that I will be able to handle bleeders and routine surgeries from the get-go once I graduate.  Miranda also deserves many thanks for all her advice and having fun with her and her two kitties!

WVC a one of a kind place that you'd be hard pressed to find elsewhere - truly a nurturing environment for students with fantastic people.  The nurses there are your friend and are always willing to help you out (don’t be afraid to ask for more gauze swabs, there’s nothing to worry or feel bad about)!   Thanks to Carol, Lena, Karen, Carol-Ann, Tash, Erika, and everyone else! (That includes Danny, who brightens up the trip to Roxby Downs with his own type of humour and friendliness).  And words cannot begin to describe how great Sandi was, she is all and everything more that everyone has described.  Thank you so much Sandi for offering me a place to sleep, warm and delicious meals to eat, and being there and watching Bones me.   

My time in Whyalla was great, everyone here was courteous/friendly and I did not feel out of place at all.  I would definitely recommend this placement to other Veterinary students - with the caveat that you better contact a year in advance because placement spots fill up quickly. Like anything good, it is in hot demand.

"WVC a one of a kind place that you'd be hard pressed to find elsewhere - truly a nurturing environment for students with fantastic people." Yvette Lam

Yvette Lam in the Whyalla Newspaper here.