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"I have become more confident on calculating dose rates of various medications and more competent in my diagnostic skills." Gladys Boo


When I received confirmation on the clinical placement in Whyalla Vet clinic, I was elated! Reading about all the experiences of the other students on the clinic’s website, I was all prepared for a great experience of my own. These past 3 weeks at the vet clinic have been excellent. I immediately got involved in the daily consultations and surgeries. Most times, I felt like I was treated as a practicing new graduate vet rather than as a vet student.

Andrew is a great imparter of knowledge and experience. He is also a very patient and willing teacher. He is highly devoted to his work. I am indeed privileged to have the opportunity to learn from him. From this experience, I have become more confident on calculating dose rates of various medications and more competent in my diagnostic skills. From administering pre-meds, anaesthetic induction, maintenance of anasethesia, spays, castrations, grass seed removals, aural haematomas, lump- removals, abscesses and placement of drains, to exploratory laporotomies, this placement has been a fantastic practical application of what I have studied from lectures and surgery practicals. I even got to see interesting cases like retrobulbar abscess, keratoconjunctivitis sicca, and a cat with patent ductus arteriosus! Andrew oversees clinical operations in Whyalla, Cowell and Roxby downs. It is indeed amazing to see him at work, juggling with all 3 clinics by himself. It certainly takes a lot to be a rural vet, providing service to the public who are miles away from any veterinary hospital.

I am extremely impressed with the rehousing program that Whyalla has. Many clinics I have seen do not handle rehousing programs very successfully due to the various reasons such as practicality and space constraints. However, the staff at Whyalla is dedicated to giving these abandoned animals new families and life. I am very pleased to know that Andrew and his staff have great compassion for these animals.

The experienced nurses in the clinic have also play a big part to my enjoyment of the placement. Big thanks to Carol, Lena, Karen, Sharon, Carol-Ann, Tash, Amelia and Jacob, Skye and Lisa, who have made me feel so welcome and part of the clinic for these 3 weeks. They have been there to help me whenever I needed. These nurses are very supportive and an integral part of the vet clinic, I am very glad to have worked with a wonderful team.

I am also very grateful to Sandi for accommodating me in her cozy home for these 3 weeks. It was very heartwarming to spend Christmas with her massive family. I will never forget my stay with Sandi.

At this point, I feel more confident to be a practicing vet. I am definitely looking forward to graduation in 1 year’s time!

Gladys Boo

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