Yes, we train our cat and dog groomers.


Whyalla Veterinary Clinic groomers travelled to Adelaide to study advanced grooming.

Learning the finer art of grooming and use of sissors, they all agreed it was a useful course but they would have liked more time.

Left: Lisa Lukich, Sharon Whyler, Natasha Vaupel and their instructor.

Learning the latest advanced grooming techniques from America, Whyalla's nurses travelled to Adelaide to attend a grooming course at the Wayville Showgrounds. They all agreed that they picked up a lot of useful tips on grooming, especially poodles! "It was very useful being shown how to hold and use grooming sissors" said Lisa Lukich adding that "there are lots to learn about grooming and its not just clipping off a dog".

Sharon felt the course should have been longer "It was very interesting." she said "I learn’t how to clip a poodle a little better with some of the techniques I was shown there" Of particular interest to the groomers was the use of breed standards and using these as a guide to clipping a dogs coat.

"Clipping techniques I found hard to do in the past" commented Natasha "I find a lot simpler to do with the techniques I was taught". Natasha particularly like the techniques they were shown to create more definition and 3D effects in a dogs coat.

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