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"I leave the clinic with a vastly improved understanding of surgery and anaesthesia and the confidence to continue refining my surgical skills." Darah Himmelhoch

Darah Himmelhoch


What stands out about my time at Whyalla Veterinary Clinic? First and foremost, the unparalleled friendliness and patience of everyone at the clinic was fantastic!

Whyalla Veterinary clinic is multi-faceted, with remote clinics in Roxby Downs, Cowell and Telowie, grooming services, several environmental initiatives and a pet adoption program run in cooperation with RSPCA and many local pounds. It was fascinating to witness the coordination, teamwork and operational savvy required to keep the many initiatives of the clinic running smoothly.

Andrew brought a wealth of cappuccino-fuelled experience and enthusiasm to work every day. His calm, straightforward approach to surgery was very reassuring to a novice such as myself. After completing my third year of a four-year BVSc with little clinical and no surgical experience, I started my extramural with serious doubts regarding my ability to do surgery competently. Now I leave the clinic with a vastly improved understanding of surgery and anaesthesia and the confidence to continue refining my surgical skills. I am comfortable performing feline flank spays, canine spays, umbilical hernia repairs and canine/feline castrations on my own. By assisting on a pyometra spay and dental surgeries, I know I can approach these procedures with self-assurance since I have been taught how to approach possible complications. In addition to surgical skills, this experience helped me improve my clinical examination skills and my ability to progress logically to accurate diagnoses and effective treatments.

As recent uni graduates, Miranda and Charna were invaluable touchstones as I tried to bridge the gap between classroom theory and clinical reality. Their knowledge, patience and sense of humour made this learning experience very enjoyable and stress-free.

Carol, Lena, Karen, Sharon, Natasha, Carol Ann, Skye and Amelia taught me more about animal care, animal handling and everyday procedures than I could ever have hoped to learn from a book. If I can restrain and catheterize animals half as well as they can in the years to come, I will consider myself a success. The teamwork and humour of everyone at the clinic was admirable.

Erika, Jess and Keira at the Roxby clinic and Denise and Bec at the Cowell clinic were patient and informative, and demonstrated incredible communication skills in order to run theses clinics remotely with Andrew. The learning environment at all of the clinics could not be more supportive. Everyone was encouraging and receptive to my many questions.

To top it all off, every day I went home from the clinic to the good company and tasty cooking of Sandi. I learned so much about life in Whyalla, its sights, its events and its wonderful people thanks to the extra efforts Sandi made to make sure I was included. Thanks to Sandi, her family and all of her pets - Mickey, Smokey, Cooper, Wally and Charlie - I never lacked for company in Whyalla!