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Colleen Leung

Melbourne University, Victoria.

"My time at Whyalla vet clinic was one of the most rewarding and fulfilling learning experiences I have had in my course." Colleen Leung

My time at Whyalla vet clinic was one of the most rewarding and fulfilling learning experiences I have had in my course. My learning curve in Whyalla, as Andrew said to me at the start of my rotation, was vertical. Within just three weeks, I did numerous desexing surgeries, my first tail amputation, stitch-ups, mass/ abscess removal, dentals, operated on a rat and even be in the teaching position the first time and supervised a dog castration being done! Not only that I had been given the opportunities to perform surgeries and procedures (with more and more confidence over time ), I was encouraged to make my own judgments and be in charge of all aspects of the anaesthesia and surgeries. Also, whenever I was terrified or needed a helping hand, Dr Andrew, Hanna and the nurses would always be there and willing to give me guidance and support!

Another interesting experience I would like to share is the busy Roxby-days (visiting Roxby Downs Clinic). Since consultations with Dr Andrew are only available for one day each week, a “week- worth” of interesting cases would all come in on the roxby days. Some interesting cases I saw in Roxby include hip dislocation in a cockatiel, generalized demodicosis, pregnancy diagnosis, mammary tumour in a rat, cancerous growth in a snake, etc. these days although could be overwhelming and challenging, is full of fun and excitements! I am also very impressed by Charlene, the super-nurse, who was competent, patient and extremely fun to work with!

To Andrew, thank you for making me to memorize drug dosages, anaesthestic protocols, tips for bandage care and finding grass seeds, and all the other things you taught me. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity you offered me to practice at your clinic and I will always remember I am at the top of the pyramid and the encouragement you gave me. I have a lot more confidence in myself at the end of this rotation and I feel like I am ready to practice!

Thanks to Hanna, a caring, competent and friendly vet, who share with me your experience and gave me advices.

Thanks to all the nurses, Lena, Carol, Karen, Tash, Carolyn, Corina, Charlene, Lisa, Sharon, Denise and Amelia, for allowing me to take my time doing surgeries and calculating drug doses. I loved the cuppa you made for me and I had a great time working with you all!

To Sandy, I love your delicious cooking and thank you for driving me to the clinic every morning, and providing me a warm and cozy room where I get recharged every night!

Tom, thanks for giving me the mechanically challenged- driving lesson. I can imagine how stressed you were sitting next to a driver who has zero experience in driving a manual car! Also thanks to Danny for driving us between Roxby and Whyalla every Thursday!


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