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Joanna Wong.

Time flies at Whyalla Veterinary Clinic when you are busy all day either in consults or surgeries. I started with only having done a handful of spays, castrations and stitch ups. But starting from day 1, Andrew gave me heaps of confidence and allowed me to do spays on my own. In the first few days, spays could take me more than 1 hour to complete; but by week 2, micro-surgical spays on little puppies took less than an hour. The most fun I had was performing a leg amputation all on my own with Andrew's instructions. The amount of confidence that Andrew has given me during this elective experience will definitely carry me through to becoming a competent vet upon graduation.

I will always remember Andrew's theory where if I can get the dose rates of normal everyday antibiotics, anesthetics, and anti-inflammatories under my belt now, I can spend my brain power on more important and complicated aspects of veterinary medicine. After working at Whyalla, the dose rates have become an everyday task for me to remember and now I can be comfortable with dispensing doses of drugs on a regular basis.

The nurses at the clinic were fabulous at supporting and helping me settle into the clinic. Lena, Natasha, Corina, Amy, Charlenne, and Nagar were all very supportive when I took a bit longer during surgeries. Corina gave me lots of mental encouragement during the leg amputation and everyone treated me as a real vet which made learning under pressure a success.

A big thank you to Sandi, whom made me feel really at home during this time and cooked up really yummy dinner every night. She was there to listen to my troubles and always accompanied me when I was waiting for the ride to Roxby late at night. Thank you Lena for always making sure I was alright at the clinic and thank you to all the nurses who gave me the opportunity to practice as a real vet. It was very nice to meet Hannah on the very last day to hear the stories of how a new graduate worked up the experience to become a confident vet. And last of all, a BIG BIG thank you to Andrew who gave me this wonderful opportunity to be involved in the clinic, working in consults, learning what to say during the consults, radiographs, surgeries, animal shelter management, and animal welfare.

I’m going home today with not only improved veterinary skills and confidence, but also confidence in driving a manual car, and new theories on religion and the future environmental changes.

At Whyalla Veterinary Clinic, all the material that I’ve studied for the past 3.5 years jumps out from the books into real medical cases and here I can finally apply what I know and consolidate the knowledge into everyday clinical practice.

Melbourne University, Victoria.


"I can finally apply what I know and consolidate the knowledge into everyday clinical practice. " Joanna Wong.