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I came to whyalla anxious and unconfident, not having very much practical experience under my belt. I had read so much about the clinic before arriving, and felt so unprepared for the three weeks I would be spending here. Boy was I quickly thrown out of my state of worry!

My experience at whyalla vet clinic has been nothing short of amazing, and I found myself picking up skills at a rate which surprised even myself! Despite my lack of experience, I was given many tasks to perform, and soon learnt that “I have no idea” was not an option. I can safely say that I have improved in all aspects of small animal practice, and these would include surgery, consultation, radiology, anaesthesia, intensive care, pathology and much more. I really felt like a vet while doing my practical work here, being left to anaesthetize, perform routine and not so routine surgery, do simple consults and take radiographs all by myself. Although it was intimidating and stretched me out of my comfort zone at times, it is where I know I have gained the most confidence and acquired the most skills from.

I had also been excited to see the rehoming program at work in the vet clinic, and was fortunate to be around for the arrival and rehousing of many animals, including 10 puppies that all found homes during my stay. It was truly heartwarming to see animals being given a second chance at life! It has only been through the labour and strong belief of both Andrew and his staff in the program which has made it so successful.

Being a rural practice, whyalla vet clinic sees and treats anything and everything that requires veterinary attention. In my time here, I had the opportunity to see dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, birds (both tame and wild), and horses. I believe that I have gained a better appreciation of the incredible amount of hard work and experience that is required in being a rural vet!

Whyalla is a beautiful town, and has much to offer to visitors. It has a pristine beach with sandflats like you’ve never seen before, beautiful views atop Mount Laura and Hammock hill, friendly people and quiet away from the city. I’m proud to say that I’ve experienced it all!

Andrew has been a great teacher and has a world of knowledge to impart. He has been so incredibly patient with me, and answered any questions I had even if he was busy. I’d like to thank him for flying me over and giving me the opportunity to be here and to learn everything that I have learnt.

To all the staff , thank you for being so warm to me, for helping me gain confidence in my skills, and always offering me a caffeine boost on long days

Thank you also to Sandi for welcoming me to your house, for the meals and company you’ve given me during my stay.

To Sandi and Lena’s family, I’ve felt like one of you while I’ve been in whyalla. Thanks for always inviting me to tea, for bringing me along on family outings and barbeques. You’ve made my stay so much fun (outside of work)!

I leave Whyalla changed, to say the least. I will enter final year with much more confidence and practical skills, and I know that because of the time I’ve spent here at Whyalla vet clinic, I am now one step closer to becoming a great vet!

"I know that because of the time I’ve spent here at Whyalla vet clinic, I am now one step closer to becoming a great vet!" Ji Zhen Low

Murdoch University, Perth.


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