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While I was telling my friends that I am heading to Whyalla, a town at South Australia, for my clinical placement, they were surprised and asked me the same question - Why do you choose such a distant place for placement? I browsed the comments of the previous vet students on its website again and firmly believed that it’s a good place for gaining practical clinical experiences. I want to be better prepared for the clinical practise before I graduate to become a real vet.

Away from my friends and supports at Melbourne, I came to work at Whyalla for three weeks. On the flight, I was worrying that I might not be able to handle the busy daily work of the vet there and its people. However, my worries soon disappeared because I didn’t even have time to think of it when I arrived Whyalla. The clinic was so busy that I was asked to start work right away after a brief orientation on that Saturday morning. Thank God! I finished with a ‘desex’ surgery by myself on my first day work.

Andrew is really a good vet and teacher. He trusts the students very much and allows them to participate in most of the consults, checking the patients, working out its diagnosis and treatment plan, and trained to have the dosage in mind to work out the appropriate amount of drugs for patients. With Andrew, I got chances to perform countless number of ‘desex’ surgeries and others such as abscess removal, bite wound stitches-up and etc. I am happy to tell that the surgical experiences that I gained at Whyalla in these 3 weeks is more than the total that I have done in my past clinical years. I enjoyed the busy days in Roxby. The fully packed schedules enable me to see a variety of cases and most importantly the opportunity to perform a number of surgeries in a day! I believe the best way to improve the surgical skills is to have more practise on it. Whenever I am in trouble, Andrew is always there to give me a hand. He is very patient to share his years of experiences with me, demonstrate and explain every single task in detail. I am working like a vet during this period, building up my confidence and skills rapidly.

I am very impressed by his altitude towards work. He is full of energy, never get tired and hungry, eager to work long hours every day. He is true hearted to patients. He always shows concern to the financial situation of his clients as he may work out the most economic treatments for them. Besides, the clinic is active in the rehousing programme of dogs and cats. It’s touching to see an abandoned animal and rehoused to a new owner full of love and care.

The nurses and staff are very friendly and helpful. They always make a cup of tea for me and always ready to give me a hand. Thanks a lot! Also, thanks to Nagar. You are very nice and I enjoy the time in Roxby with you. Sandy, thanks for providing me such a nice and warm place to stay and company.

After all, I feel like one step closer to a qualified vet - a vet that can work independently with confidence. I would highly recommend you to work in Whyalla if you don’t want to panic on your first day of work after graduation. You would never learn if you don’t get your hands dirty! It’s a matter of “ repeated practise” and “trial and errors” if you want to perform the tasks better.

"After all, I feel like one step closer to a qualified vet - a vet that can work independently with confidence. " Doris Li


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Doris Li