Whyalla Council Confirms 72 hour holding time for cats.

Thee Whyalla Council has now confirmed that non feral cats will be treated the same dogs and held for 3 business days, after which the former owners ownership of the animal will be extinguished. After the 3 day holding period dogs and cats will either be rehomed or destroyed.

Dr. Melville-Smith of the Whyalla Veterinary Clinic said that the confirmation of a set holding period of 3 days for dogs and cats by the Whyalla Council was the reassurance they needed to continue working with the Council.

Stuart Payne said in an email to the Whyalla Vets that the “Council will maintain that its policy is to hold cats (not feral) for 72 hours only.”

This means that just like dogs, cat owners have 3 days to claim their animals and after that, they will not be able to get their cat back.

Dr. Melville-Smith said this certainty was needed to put the Animal Management plan back on the table. “Without the clarification of council policy on the holding period, there was no animal management plan.” He said

“There will be no more animals returned once the 72 hour holding period has passed.”

He says that considering the Government says unidentified cats can be destroyed immediately, the holding period is fair and reasonable for the Whyalla Community. “The Council policy gives people time to claim their pet without imposing higher costs on the rate payers.

“It also reinforces the message that pet owners must make the job of identification of their pets easy for the Council workers.

“That means collars with ID tags and most importantly getting a microchip fitted.

“And if you lose your cat or dog, notify the council, RSPCA and local vets immediately.”

Stuart Payne emailed the council position to the Whyalla Vets “Council wholly supports the suitable identification of dogs and cats and is committed to encouraging responsible animal management in the city

“Including registration and suitable identification of dogs and microchipping of cats in accordance with its Bylaws and relevant legislation.”