Vandal tries to smash window to steal cat.

Vandal attacks veterinary clinic.

Friday 25th March 6.40pm

The pet adoption centre at the Whyalla Veterinary Clinic came under attack from a very determined youth, intent on stealing one of the cats from the adoption centre. The youth made a number of attempts to gain entry to the adoption centre damaging the windows in the process.  He finally located a large rock that he could barely carry. Using all his strength, he hurtled the rock at the main window cracking it and alerting security. He fled the scene without a cat!

Dr. Andrew Melville-Smith, the Principal Veterinarian at the Whyalla Veterinary Clinic was stunned at the determination and audacity of the youth, describing the youth as “one out of control kid with some major problems”

“This heavy duty laminated glass” he said “you would need to ram it with a car to break it”

“What is disturbing is that the video clearly shows this youth knew the difference between right and wrong as he went to great lengths to make sure no one was watching”

“Unfortunately for him, he failed to notice the CCTV cameras and the entire even, including the Michael Jackson shuffle, was caught on camera.”

Whyalla residents have been shocked by such juvenile vandalism.  “Oh my god, what a little shit” said John of Whyalla

Jenene of Whyalla commented “Sad State of affairs yet the time he spent looking over his shoulder to see if he was being noticed PROVES he knew he was doing something wrong I really hope you catch the brat and teach him a lesson and his parents for not supervising him.”

Initial estimates of the damage to the windows are around $2000.  

Update: Tuesday 29th of March. Police have located the vandal. The child is only 8 years of age! South Australian law states that any person under the age of ten cannot be held accountable for their actions (an Irrebuttabel presumption), so no crime was committed and the Police can take no further action.

The parents are protected by privacy legislation and so cannot be held to account for the actions of their child.

The child was supposedly "special needs" but no one from Department of Families SA has come forward to explain why the child was on the street at that time of night and why there was a supervision failure on their part. Instead of explaining what went wrong with the child's supervision, the vet has been accused of being a vigilante for posting the video on line, in an attempt to deflect the heat from those who failed to supervise the child.

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