Launch of Overloading Australia.


Overloading Australia began as an update of Mark O’Connor’s earlier work This Tired Brown Land but grew into a much larger endeavour. “The point of this book really was to put all the arguments together in one place”, he said at the April 2nd book launch at Dymocks Rundle Mall.

Sustainable Population Australia (SPA) Patron Professor Ian Lowe introduced the book to a small audience of about 10 people. “We owe Mark & William Lines … a great debt of gratitude for publishing a clear, concise, punchy, and accessible book about the, the great un-discussable issue in modern Australian politics”, Lowe said.

The small audience were enthusiastic about the cause and agreed with Lowe when he said that Australians “need to engage in the [population] debate”. High immigration and birth rates contribute to the excess of births over deaths in this country. Lowe acknowledged that both areas were politically sensitive, however the issue was important enough to warrant open debate.

“Equality of life is being eroded by growth”, he said.

Mark O’Connor said that he was encountering many people who found this issue important enough that they were buying multiple copies of the book to distribute to their friends and family. “The reason it [Overloading Australia] sells so quickly is that people are buying multiple copies and repeat copies … a vet in Whyalla has bought 50 copies”, he said.

O’Connor presented his book as being an answer to many of the questions and arguments proposed by those who were for, or on the fence regarding, population growth. “When he says what about the aging population? What about our duty to take in the rest of the world? You say ‘chapter four, chapter six’”, he said.

"Equality of life is being eroded by growth."

by Alicia Melville-Smith 6th March 2009 Email address.



Prof. Ian Lowes introductory speech.


Mark O'Connors book launch talk.


An interview with Mark O'Connor