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Axing of Carbon Tax makes me ashamed to be an Australian

It is easy to see who the winners are with the scrapping of the carbon tax. Big coal and Big oil. It is a disgrace to see how the Abbott government has let the big polluters off the hook and boosted their profits.

Consumers it seems will get a double bonus. We will be able to buy cheaper power without paying for the pollution and we will still be receiving the tax cuts to compensate us for the carbon tax. Good one Mr Abbott.

So who are the big losers? Solar, Wind and Hydro power. The very industries we should be encouraging. They are the future, not coal and oil which should be left in the ground.

The axing of the carbon tax by the Abbott Government shows that they do not understand how market forces would reshape our economy when the polluter pays and it demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of climate science and climate change.

Under the Abbott Government, Australia has achieved a world first, the repeal of a carbon tax. So whilst everyone else moves forward, Australia has stepped back into a darker and dirtier past. This is the legacy of this current government and hopefully how they will be remembered.

The future just got a whole lot harder for our children and I for one, am ashamed of what has happened in Australia.