Martin Thomas,

Chairman of Dulhunty Power Ltd, talked about the Nuclear fuel cycle. Mr. Thomas was a member of the Federal Government review panel on Nuclear Energy which produced a report for the government on nuclear energy in 2006. He commented that we should use the uranium because it was there and very plentiful “We are indeed the lucky country” he said we need to avoid making the same mistake as we did in the 1980’s where Australia missed the opportunity to make money out of nuclear power.

Conveniently left out of his lecture was the pollution and carbon dioxide output from mining and enrichment of uranium. He pointed out that our society produces a lot of industrial wastes and their disposal is an engineering problem and the same applies to nuclear waste. The solution proposed, bury it deep in the ground and he felt that this was a satisfactory solution. One couldn’t help thinking that this is not a nice legacy for our children and grandchildren.

The end impression was that nuclear was expensive and had a huge time lag from decision to regulation to implementation. Further it will be 30 to 40 years before the new generation four reactors will be available. The pollution and waste disposal issues leave one feeling very uncomfortable. On the subject of renewables Mr. Martin said he was “very powerful on and they are moving into the main stream” and that he “loves them dearly”.

Our energy and water future.

Filmed at the University of SA, Whyalla Campus. Thursday 26th April 2007.

This is the second lecture and is given by Martin Thomas, Chairman of Dulhunty Power Ltd, talking about Nuclear Energy. The first lecture was given by Professor Stuart White, the director of the Institute for Sustainable Futures at the University of Technology in Sydney, talking about the Water-Energy Nexus. See Professor Stuart White''s page here.

A series of two lectures.

Martin Thomas's lecture can be seen here as a YouTube movie.