This is our gift to the planet we love.


Oddball was CoolieX puppy rescued from the pound by the Whyalla Veterinary Clinic and after he was vet checked, vaccinated, desexed and microchipped, he was offered for adoption on the PetRescue web site. “There are so many healthy animals that are abandoned by their owners and end up in pounds awaiting destruction,” commented Whyalla Veterinarian Dr. Andrew Melville-Smith ”We feel it our duty to take some of the healthy ones and find homes for them”

Dr. Melville-Smith says that the success of their animal adoption program is made possible by the PetRescue organisation, which advertises them on their web site. “A large number of our rescued animals go to Adelaide or interstate” said Dr. Melville-Smith “Without the PetRescue web site, we not be able to make the connection between rescued pets and suitable new owners”

Oddball was adopted by Jaclyn and Duane after the saw him on the PetRescue web site and he flew to Melbourne to become part of their family “We adopted a coolie x puppy from pet rescue at Whyalla Vets last October.” Jaclyn said “At the time he was named oddball, but we changed it to Sir Digby Chicken Ceaser, but we call him Digby for short. “

Jaclyn recently made contact with the staff of the Whyalla Veterinary Clinic to let them know how the their rescued puppy was progressing. “Initially Digby was quite a handful, very loving, but had picked up some very bad habits whilst surviving on the streets as a little pup.” She said “ Getting in the bins, trying to eat the cat (coco) chewing everything in sight, obsessive compulsive running in circles and very aggressive behaviour towards our other dog and would try to stop Jaik (our other dog) from coming anywhere near us. “

Jaclyn says that her partner was a very patient, calm and firm man. “He took Digby to puppy school, where he has progressed very well. “ she said, “Digby is a very bright, loving puppy and has a bit more to learn about manners, however, he is doing extremely well.” Jaclyn and Duane are hoping to further his training by doing tracking and agility. “He loves to use his brain” Jaclyn said

They are both amazed at how much progress he has made since they adopted him. “It just goes to show with a lot of love and patience and of course a good education we are all winners he now has such beautiful behaviour, rarely showing his problem behaviour.” she said “He is a very handsome puppy that loves to socialise up the park and everybody thinks that he is just beautiful.” Speaking for Digby, Jaclyn says “Digby would like to say Thank you to the lady that rescued him from death row at the pound, he never thought that he could have such a lovely life.”


Oddballs adoption photo

Today, the handsome dog that everybody thinks is just beautiful.

Oddball get a home in Melbourne.