This is our gift to the planet we love.


My name is Louise and I adopted a staffy x whippet puppy named 'Jiggle' from your clinic about three months ago (Photo on right). I just wanted to write to you to tell you how she is and how happy we are with her!

We have re-named her Lilly and she is just gorgeous! She has fitted into our lives so well and is much loved by both my fiancé and myself, not to mention everyone that comes to visit us! She has been attending obedience training once a week and will be starting agility and flyball training soon, she is very agile and is learning to absolutely fly over the small jumps we have set up in our back yard! She sleeps inside and loves to have a cuddle on the couch when we're watching the TV in the evening. Lilly loves going out and about and comes with me when ever I go down to my parents property on the weekends. She has endless fun running around their property and playing with our family's old dog, Quinn. She is very well behaved, she can be off the lead as doesn't wander off and comes absolutely bolting up to us when she is called.

I have included some photos for you, the two taken in our house were very soon after we got her, the other one is at my parents property with Quinn. I hope you enjoy them and keep up the fantastic work you do!


Louise gets a new friend and a home in the bush.