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Who is BeBe?

BeBe is the new clinic cat at the Whyalla Veterinary Clinic. See BeBe’s page here.

What is BeBe’s favourite treat?

Bebe loves the Greenies Roast Chicken cat treats.

What is a Greenie?

It is a cat treat developed by the Waltham Pet Care Science Institute that most cats find so delicious that they are irresistible. Formulated to be very crunchy, when a cat chews them, their teeth sink deep into the treat causing the treat to crumble with a “pop” which reduces tartar on the teeth.

How many Greenies can I feed my cat?

Greenies are a treat and are fed in addition to your cats’ normal food. The rule of thumb for an adult cat (4 to 5Kg range) is 8 treats twice a day. Remember to adjust your cat’s normal food if your cat is eating Greenies daily and as with all dry food, provide fresh running water to drink.  More information here.