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Due to popular demand, Puppy School is now held three evenings a week.

Puppy school classes every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for puppies from 8 weeks to 6 months of age. Enrol your puppy now as who take their puppies to our puppy school consistently say: “Lessons were so good, I wish I had started them earlier. Classes cover dog behaviour and body language, common puppy problems such as toilet training, mouthing and jumping up. Puppies learn to socialise with with other people and dogs. Meet our trainers here.

Puppies must have had a minimum of 1 vaccination and been kept at home for a minimum of 2 weeks before they start puppy school. To enrol, contract the nurses on 8645 9926 to book a place for your puppy. For more information, see our FAQ
Explained everything perfectly. Extremely friendly and enjoyed every moment

Small group, lots of 1-1 training, very friendly and relaxed. Great age for the puppies to start learning before they get out of control.

Everything was explained and the reasons why things are done the way they do themo

Trainers were a wealth of information very patient with our puppies and all my questions.

Everything was very well presented. Lovely teachers who were extremely knowledgeable.

Everything was explained extremely well. I loved it all and it was a great experience.

The class was perfect and it was a great thing to do whilst they don’t have all their needles. Steph and Lyn were great.

Great tips and tricks if you are struggling to the puppy trained.

Excellent education and dog interaction. The actual training knowledge of the trainers was obvious.

Puppy trainers were very patient, kind and knowledgeable with my hyperactive puppy. The results were beyond my expectations. Thank you.

The interaction between the trainers, the dogs and us, the students, was great. The trainers have a great knowledge and explained everything very well.

I was very happy with all the classes. This is our first training with our puppy and the process was very enjoyable.

Excellent trainers showing great knowledge with dogs. Great small classes so the dogs are always learning and practicing and the instructors give good tips to practice tab home to keep this training going.

Learnt a lot of useful info and it was easy to understand. I found the instructors were cheerful and very helpful. The handouts were fantastic and a good resource.