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When do I feed my cat?

Your cat should be feed high quality adult cat dry food and given a raw chicken wing or neck once or twice a week. Always make sure your cat has access to fresh water. We recommend the use of water fountains to provide clean moving water for your kitten to ensure that it has an adequate fluid intake and help prevent the formation of bladder stones which can lead to a blockage.
We do not recommend feeding your cat wet food in a can. This is expensive and causes unnecessary environmentally damage due to the energy and steel used in the manufacture of the tins.

What sort of treats can I give my cat?

Raw chicken wings and necks are a good idea. Fish heads and tails are quite acceptable. Never give them cooked bones as these can splinter and cause injury. Liver treats AND Greenies make an excellent reward for cats.

Where does my cat go to the toilet?

Your cat will need a litter tray. Cats will instinctively go to the toilet in an area where they can scratch around or bury their faeces. So the will use the litter tray with little or no training. A covered litter tray is a good idea to reduce the mess from scratching around. We recommend that you use the “Pussy’s Place” cat litter made from reject animal feed. This is because it can be recycled either through the council organic waste bin or as compost on your garden. Remove faeces with a poo scoop as soon as you notice them and put them out in the rubbish. Replace the litter when it is wet with urine.

What vaccinations does my cat need?

Cats should receive a complete health check and vaccination for Feline enteritis, Feline respiratory disease (Cat flu) and Chlamydia every year. Cat flu is the main disease we see in cats in this part of South Australia. Cat aids (Feline immunodeficiency virus) and heartworm are rare in cats in this part of South Australia.

When and why should I worm my cat?

Cats should be wormed every three months. The dose is worked out on the cat’s weight. See the local veterinary nurse who will weigh your cat and then advise you on how much and when to worm your cat.

When should my cat see the vet?

It is a good idea to get your cat seen by a vet for a full health check every year. Your cat’s veterinary certificate will tell you when the next health check and vaccination is due. Ear mites are very common in kittens in this part of South Australia.

Should I let my cat outside?

No. Cats should be confined in a house or outside run. It is no longer acceptable to allow you cat to roam freely because of the damage they do.


When do I get my cat desexed?

It is essential that your cat is desexed and microchipped (If this hasn’t already been done) at 6 months of age. Male cats can become aggressive and start urine spraying if they are not desexed. Female cats can breed twice a year and before you know it, you will be up to your neck in cats.