After Hours Emergency 0419 806 392
When it is held?
One night a week for five consecutive weeks. This can be either a Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday from 7pm to 8pm.
How much does it cost?
The course costs $120 but when you get your vaccinations done you get a voucher that reduces the cost by 25%. Three vaccinations and prepaid desexing and the course is free.
Can any puppy attend?
Yes provided it has had at least one health check and vaccination by a veterinarian and has been confined at home for 2 weeks prior to the classes.
How do you prevent disease?
  • The area is specially cleaned before puppy classes.
  • Owners are required to clean their shoes on arrival.
  • All puppies are confined for 2 weeks prior to puppy school.
  • All puppies have had one health check and vaccination by a veterinarian (Minimum)
How do I book my puppy in?
Contact the nurses on 8645 9926 to organise enrolment. The enrolment form has to be completed and fees paid to secure a place.
What is the maximum number of puppies a class?
How do I get a voucher?
Each time your puppy is vaccinated you get one voucher.  Prepay for all three vaccinations and you get three vouchers and your puppy can start puppy school straight after the first vaccination..
How do I get free puppy school?

Prepay your puppies three vaccinations and desexing, which will give you 4 vouchers so that puppy school is free.