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When should I start training my new puppy?
Immediately start teaching your puppy the basic commands such as “Sit”, “Stay”, “Wait” using positive reinforcement and enrol them in puppy school as soon as they have their first vaccination. More information here. 
What do I feed my new puppy?

Your puppy should be fed high quality puppy dry food and given a raw bone once or twice a week. Always make sure your puppy has access to fresh water. In hot climates, two sources of water is a good idea. We do not recommend feeding your puppy wet food in a can. This is expensive and causes unnecessary environmentally damage due to the energy and steel used in the manufacture of the tins

What sort of treats can I give my new puppy?

Raw bones are a good idea. Never give them cooked bones as these can splinter and cause injury. Start with chicken wings and necks and when your puppy destroys them in less than half a hour, move up to knuckles, ribs and large marrow bones. Do not worry if they bury them or they sit around for a few days before they eat them. They like the extra taste of a mature bone! Other great treats are dried pigs ears, snouts, trotters, raw hide bones and chews.

What sort of toys should I give my new puppy?

Puppies do a lot of chewing as the baby teeth and adult teeth come through in the first six months of life. They need good quality chew toys like hard rubber balls, bones and tug toys. NEVER give your puppy plastic bottles, shoes, human toys, clothes or furniture. ALWAYS reward and pat your puppy when they are doing the correct behaviour.

Why don't I find my puppies teeth when they fall out?

You will only see their teeth fall out if the are chewing at the time the tooth is dislodged. Most teeth are swallowed.

What vaccinations does my puppy need?

Puppies are vaccinated for Parvovirus, Distemper, Hepatitis and Coronavirus at 8 and 12 weeks. At 16 weeks they get an extra parvovirus booster as this is the main disease in this part of South Australia.

When and why do I worm my new puppy?

Puppies should be wormed 6, 8, 10 and 12 weeks with a gentle puppy worming syrup. The dose is worked out on the puppies weight. See the local veterinary nurse who will weigh your puppy, then advise you on how much and when to worm your puppy.

When should my puppy see the vet?

It is a good idea to get your puppy seen by a vet as soon as it arrives home. If it has a veterinary certificate, that will tell you when the next check and vaccination is due.

When can I take my new puppy for walks?

Two weeks after their final vaccination (16 weeks). It is a good idea to fit a collar as soon as your new pup comes home. See the vet nurse for help.

When do I get my new puppy desexed?

We recommend that your dog is desexed and microchipped (If this hasn’t already been done) at 6 months of age.