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Dog Wash September 12th 10am to 1pm

The September dog wash will be on Saturday 12th September and proceeds will go to Steel United Soccer Club The dog wash has been changed to a memorial to the two people who ran the dog wash for so many years and both died in the last year It is now call “Scrub A dub...

Washing dogs for a friendly cause

Original Article and Images Compliments of the Whyalla News

More cases of Parvovirus in dogs in Whyalla.

Update: 18th April 2020 The Whyalla Veterinary Clinic is treating more cases of parvovirus infection in dogs and what is worrying the vets is that the new strain is now being seen in older dogs, not just puppies and geriatric dogs. It is now estimated that 60 dogs...

Open to care for the pets of Whyalla but it is not business as usual.

To provide veterinary care for your pets whilst minimizing the risk of spreading COVID-19 and following the government guidelines for social distancing and hygiene, our services have temporarily become minimal contact services. The clinic doors are now locked and...

Do cats pose a COVID-19 Coronavirus risk?

COVID-19 Coronavirus risk is transmitted person to person through saliva or droplets from an infected person, either directly via cough or sneeze (Hence social distancing) or via contaminated surface which is touched and then transferred to the face (Hence hand...

Parvovirus in Whyalla.

Whyalla has recorded its first case of Canine Parvovirus for 2020 when a dog presented to the Whyalla Veterinary Clinic with drooling, dehydration and bloody diarrhoea and returned a positive test to Parvovirus. The weather in March is proving perfect for the spread...

Your Vet is OPEN 7 days

But it is not business as usual. Australia is going through unprecedented times trying to control the spread of the COVID-19 virus. We are committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our clients whilst still being there to care for your companions. Coming for...

“Thank you to all the staff who do such a great job with Whyalla’s animals and their human carers…you should all be very proud”

Anthea Mur

“I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for my Mylo. Amazing staff! Andrew explains everything so clearly and takes away my stress and everyone goes above and beyond! Thank you so much.”

Lauren Pearce

“Kind, caring and professional. Wouldn’t take my dogs anywhere else, and that is a quality endorsement as my dogs are my everything “

Virginia Giles