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2024 Megan Lewcock


Melbourne University. Faculty of Veterinary Science

Whyalla Veterinary Clinic has been an amazing and eye opening experience. The staff are extremely supportive and encourage you to get involved in as many surgical and consult cases as possible. This placement has helped me develop confidence in general consults, communication and surgical techniques. All types of small animals are seen at this clinic, including cats, dogs, rabbits, birds and lizards, so be prepared to get involved to get the most out of this placement.

Megan Lewcock 29/01/2024


2023 - Chloe Baek


Adelaide University Veterinary Student, School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences

Whyalla clinic is a great environment for students to learn and experience to the fullest. The staff was very kind, patient and encouraging to allow me to develop my skills and confidences. They provided opportunities to practice day 1 surgical skills and knowledge before starting our profession. I would love to come back if I get an opportunity!

 Chloe Baek 22/3/2023


2023 - Elaine Tan


Adelaide University Veterinary Student, School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences

Out of all the places I did clinical placements at, Whyalla Vet Clinic is by far the best site. This is my 3rd time going back. Don’t let the distance from Adelaide city deter you. The travel is definitely worth it.  I was able to actively participate in diagnostic procedures, decisions about case management, treatment options and record keeping. I was also able to practice many of the RCVS Day One competencies. I really enjoyed my time there, it didn’t feel like work at all.

Elaine Tan 22/3/2023


2022 - Stephanie Cody

Adelaide University Veterinary Student, School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences

I had a great time at Whyalla Vet and really enjoyed the hands on experience especially in surgery and general health consultations. I will definitely miss Whyalla Vet and the lovely staff. I am also feeling more confident with communicating and surgical techniques which will definitely help me in my career.

Stephanie Cody – 8/4/2022


2022 - Elaine Tan

Adelaide University Veterinary Student, School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences

An excellent place to do a clinical placement in a conductive environment for learning. Staff are supportive, knowledgeable and willing to teach you. They always reach out to help and include you in things. I also like how the clinic runs like a well-oiled machine, gives clients value for their money and they do their utmost for every animal.

They also have a stray animal adoption program where you can practice desexing surgeries.

Accommodation is provided near the clinic and shops are conveniently across the road. I hope to be able to come back and recommend it 10/10. You’re missing out  if you don’t book a placement here.

Elaine Tan  17/2/2022


2022 - Brooke Curtis


Whyalla Veterinary Clinic is an amazing place to learn a wide range of skills and practice them under extremely skilled vets and nurses. The hands on experiences here compared to other clinics is second to none. It has made me feel more confident with  small animal consults, radiographs, surgeries and everything in between.

The support and trust from all the staff has made this experience even more enjoyable.

Just an amazing clinic. Brooke Curtis 14/1/2022


2021 - Sorae Kim

Adelaide University Veterinary Student, School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences

Everyone at Whyalla Vet Clinic was friendly, patient, supportive and caring. It was such a wonderful clinic to do placement. I also loved the environmentally aware and sustainable practice of the clinic. I gained an incredible amount of clinical knowledge and practice. I’m super grateful for the experience and couldn’t have wished for a better clinic to do my placement.

I’d definitely be recommending Whyalla to my colleagues.

I’d love to come back if Andrew lets me.  Sorae Kim  3/12/2021