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Cats are fussy drinkers.

They prefer moving water because in the wild, moving water, is generally clean water.  So, running water attracts cats and encourages them to drink more, keeping them well hydrated and reducing the risk of bladder problems.

The vets recommend water fountains to provide a good supply of fresh clean moving water which has been filtered to remove dust and hair.

Many cats find water fountains entertaining and will play with the water. The sound of running water has a soothing effect on many cats reducing stress and making them more comfortable and calmer.

Clean trays mean happy cats.

Having a clean litter tray available for your cat reduces the risk of bladder issues, disease and promotes good hygiene habits in your cat.  Dirty litter trays are unhealthy and can lead to litter box aversion resulting in them using other sources around the home to go to the toilet.

We recommend one litter tray per cat plus one spare so there is always a clean tray to use. Litter trays should be cleaned daily, removing faecal material and wet clumped litter and then adding more clean litter.

The best type of litter tray for indoor cats are the drop in litter trays. Not only do they provide privacy for your cat but there is no mess when they toilet as they have four walls around them, and the cats’ paws are cleaned when they climb out. The unit also reduces odours and prevents dogs from snacking on cat faeces.