Microchips really do work.........

Quick thinking RSPCA Officer leads to pet recovery.

A dog was left locked in a car on a hot day and Whyalla RSPCA Inspector, Claire Money, was sent to investigate. When she questioned the vehicles owners about the dog, something didn't seem right. Further investigations revealed that te dog had been found in Victoria, 800Km away and no attempt had been made to find the owners. Inspector Money took the beagle around to the Whyalla Veterinary Clinic where she was scanned and her microchip number was recorded. When Central Animal Records were contacted, the dog was listed as missing and they provided the owners contact details.

The owner was thrilled that her beagle, Yaga, had been found and she immediately drove for 12 hours to Whyalla to collect her!

After weeks on the road, Yaga is finally reunited with her owner but only because the RSPCA were on the ball and she had a microchip implanted.

Microchip dog goes home to Melbourne.

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Council only holds stray cats and dogs for 72 hours. Then they are rehomed or destroyed.

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