Carbon neutral ...... creating a future for our children.

Becoming carbon neutral.


The problem

Climate change is a serious problem affecting all of us. With the size of the human population around 6.7 billion people, humans through their numbers and use of technology have become a global geological force on the planet.

There is now no doubt that the planet is warming and that our current carbon dioxide emission levels are part of the cause of global warming.

If we do not act now, we may enter a series of rolling disasters (Water, Food and Oil crisis) from which we may not recover and our civilization may breadown and disintegrateas has happened to other civilizations in the past.

Our technology cannot save us if we screw up the planet. This is the only home we have.

Solutions today.

We have decided to start mending our ways today in an effort to provide a better future for our childen and grandchildren.

Check out our environmental projects to see how we are making a difference.

In essence, we have decided that this generation ....... our generation ......... is going to start paying to clean up the mess. We are saying to our generation. You made the wrong choices and we are not going to follow you. We refuse to pass on the costs to our children as you did to us.

We are now levying all our services with a carbon offset which we will use to grow trees to remove out carbon emissions from the atmosphere. The is a temporary measure on the way to zero emissions. See how we are doing below.

Long term solutions.

Long term solutions to the habitability of the planet for human beings are harder to implement and involve breaking taboos.

Taboo one: Population control.

If we want future generations to survive, we must control the size of human population. At present, the mess our parents have left us in, means we are running three times the planets carrying capacity.

We must reduce our birth rate and reduce immigration to achieve a slowly declining population. If we don't do this, our children are dead. It is that simple.

Taboo two: Economic growth is suicide.

We live on a finite planet with finite resources. The most basic maths will tell you continual growth is impossible and will end in collapse.

We have to curb our consumption of goods and move to economic contraction to achieve sustainability.

Interestingly, we have no choice in either of these matters. If we don't control our population and consumption, then the planet will do it for us and it is going to be a very unpleasant time for humanity if we let that happen.

We have been working with Trees For Life to fund native plantings for long term reduction of carbon in the atmosphere.

Through their partnership with Carbon Neutral Ltd, Trees For Life has planted 8,592 native trees on our behalf. These are expected to absorb 1,432 tonnes of CO2 over their lifetime. See here

Trees For Life is no longer associated with Carbon Neutral but will continue to grow our plants in South Australia as part of their new carbon program. More information.

The background tree is a Australian native Cyprus Pine (Callitri Gracilis) located at Telowie.

Contact us about our environmental projects.