Environmental Sustainability and Population.

Sustainable Population Australia is a national environmental organisation committed to building a sustainable Australia in a sustainable world. The primary focus is on the first two drivers: Population and Environmental Sustainability.

University of Adelaide, Napier Building. Adelaide, Australia. April 4th 2009.




Dr. John Coulter. President of Sustainable Population Australia. Video here


Professor Barry Brook, Professor of Climate Change, University of Adelaide who spoke on population and climate change. Video here


Dr.Michael Lardelli, Senior Lecturer in Genetics, University of Adelaide and prominent in the SA peak oil organisation who spoke on population and peak oil. Video here


Dr.Phil Lawn, Senior Lecturer in Environmental Economics, Flinders University, who spoke on the issue of population and economic growth. Video here


Mark O'Connor, who with Bill Lines wrote the recently released book 'Overloading Australia'. Mark spoke on the impediments to raising awareness of population as a key driver of unsustainability. Video here